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“Win on Dual Core”: Mass Production Solution of Amlogic & Emdoor’s Dual-core Tablet PC Launched in Shenzhen

On May 18th 2012, Emdoor, one of the first companies in China designing Tablet PC, and the time-honored brand consumer chip manufacturer Amlogic held release conference of “Win on Dual Core” for mass production solution of tablet PC in Shenzhen Kempinski Hotels. At the conference, solution of mass production of tablet PC based on Amlogic’s newest dual-core chip AML8726-MX was introduced. So many guests participated in the release conference that all seats were occupied. The outside of the hotel was covered by the large number of baskets of flowers sent by the partners. Even the chief executor of China region of ARM, leaders from municipal and district-level governments of Shenzhen, and famous hosts from Shenzhen TV station were also present.


During the conference, Mr. Wu Xiongang, chief executor of China region of ARM, delivered a passionate speech on “the future is in our hands” and explained how ARM technology will benefit our present and future life. He thought that: the complementarity between Chinese mainland and Taiwan in industry will greatly help China to build competitive advantages in the semiconductor field. The growth rates of China’s semiconductor industry in the past few years are three times as high as the average one of the global industry. It is predicted that the number of Chinese chips using ARM cores will exceed 0.6 billion in 2012. Mr. Wu also indicated that: As a processor and intellectual property design supplier, ARM will continue to cooperate with more Chinese industrial chains upstream and downstream to constantly promote the development of mobile intelligent terminal.
In addition, Mr. Wu spoke highly of Amlogic which first employed Cortex-A9 technology to make chips and first mass produced chips of A9 dual core in China. He also highly praised Emdoor which had long cooperated with ARM in development of system. He though the over 30 different mass production models displayed by Emdoor at the new product release conference are really fast.
Mr. Zhong Peifeng, CEO of Amlogic, with “Embrace dual core era” as the topic, explained in detail where the advantages of Amlogic’s dual core lie, discussed the competitive advantages of Amlogic’s dual-core chips in “accumulation, product, performance, cost, integration, partner”, as well as stability, low power consumption, FLASH official certification, CTS certification, ability of Benchmark to get over 10,000 points, 30% more than the average 7,000 points of the dual-core chips in the industry.
Compared with its competitors in China, Amlogic is a Cortex-49 dual-core chip manufacture that became mature the earliest and can supply goods promptly in batches, as well as the first chip company of MALI400 in China that is capable of mass production and supply of goods and owns complete and clear chip Roadmap that can continuously meet customer demands.

Mr. Zhong Peifeng also predicted during the conference that: the number of tablet PC will reach nearly 0.4 billion in 2016. But at present, tablet PCs made in China only account for more than 20% of the global share but Apple accounts for 69%. Currently, too much emphasis is laid on the prices of domestic tablet PC while user experience is downplayed. Sometimes, they pursue prices at the sacrifice of product quality and performance. This is a fatal mistake to tablet products which highlight interactive experience.


The speech delivered by Mr. Zhang Zhiyu, general manager of Emdoor, excited the participating guests even more. The multiple dual-core tablet mass production solution of three series (N, L, M) based on different hardware that was launched by Emdoor this time covers mainstream screen size such as 7 inches, 8 inches, and 10.1 inches, and can help manufacturers at home and abroad more quickly finish mass production work that is based on Amlogic’s single-core and dual-core products and is targeted at different market positioning. Quick design, supply chain, production and service system are all Emdoor’s core competitiveness.
N series solution is a relatively high-end scheme and is designed mainly targeted at AML8726-MX dual-core chip, with dual Mali-400 GPU, having basic frequency of 1.5G, equipped with 1GB DDR3 memory and Android 4.0.3 system, and supporting play of 1080P video, output of HDMI video, front and rear-facing cameras, OTG, etc. At present, this series includes several mass production solutions including EM617N (7 inches, 1024×600/16:9), EM618N (8 inches, 1024×768/4:3), EM610N (9.7 inches, 1024×768/4:3) and EM611N (10.1 inches, 1280×800/16:9), and covers the mainstream screen sizes in the current market. L series and M series solutions are mainly targeted at single-core products and designed based on AML8726-M3L/AML8726-M3 chip, and are also equipped with Android 4.0.3 system, and supports play of 1080P video, output of HDMI video, cameras, OTG, etc. L series will integrate upstream and downstream resources and further reduce costs through adoption of new materials and technology without lowering product quality. Currently it includes the solution EM32L (7 inches, 800×480/16:9, 512MB RAM). The products of M series correspond with the products of N series and fall into the category of mid-end solutions. They adopt single-core A9 chips and add product categories with low costs for customers without increasing extra pressure for production and supply.
Mr. Zhang also mentioned that: In light of the current domestic and foreign tablet industry application and specific market, in 2010, Emdoor set up a team to independently develop, based on modules such as Zigbee, Z-wave, RFID and NFC,  tablet PCs applied in IOT (internet of things) industry. Such tablet PCs are special equipment for mobile data involved in many technical fields such as collection, remote control, communication, geographic information, electronic tag and payment that can rapidly provide customers at home and abroad with customized service of intelligent terminal and can be applied to smart home, electric power, OA, entertainment, logistics, catering, retail, education, medical treatment, industrial automation, as well as military affairs and public security. Emdoor has now begun to provide customers from Italy, Japan and other countries with customized tablet PCs. See the figure below for centralized control system of smart home.
Leaders of Shenzhen city and Futian districts and leaders of ARM, Amlogic and Emdoor unveiled the new product on the stage.
First users of Emdoor’s mass produced products received the prototypes delivered by the children of Emdoor’s managements. Then the show performed by a large numbers of beautiful models with machines in their hands while walking brought the conference to a climax.

New product experience near the conference hall and drinking party between the guests and upstream and downstream manufacturers enable the participants to really experience the products and make friendly in a light and pleasant atmosphere.
At the same time, the press conference presided by Mr. Ma Baojun, deputy general manager of Emdoor was also ongoing. Nearly ten professional media and network media participated in question-response interaction. The participants were engaged in a fierce discussion about the development of tablet PC industry, supply of dual-core chips by each manufacturer and product planning of Emdoor. The press conference which was supposed to end after 30 minutes lasted for as long as 70 minutes.



About ARM
ARM Holdings is the worlds’ leading supplier of semiconductor intellectual property (IP) and thus in the core position in the development of digital electronic products. Headquartered in Cambridge and staffed with over 1,700 employees, ARM has set up many offices around the world, including the design centers in Belgium, France, India, Sweden and US.
ARM’ s business model mainly involves design and licensing of IP, but not production or sales of actual semiconductor chips. It issues IP license to the networks of partners (including the world’s leading semiconductor companies and system companies). These partners can use ARM’s IP to design, create and produce system on a chip, but shall pay to ARM license fees of original IP as well as pay royalty for every manufactured chip or wafer. Apart from IP of processors, ARM also provides a series of tools, physical and system IP to optimize design of system on a chip.
About Amlogic
Amlogic is a chip design company with a long history. For a long time, it has been providing solutions to open platform for hi-definition multimedia, 3D game and internet consumer electronics (such as tablet PC, digital TV, STB (set-top box).
About Emdoor
Emdoor Group has three subsidiaries under its affiliation, i.e. Emdoor Electronics, Emdoor Digital and Emdoor Information which are respectively engaged in sales, research and development of R&D tools, tablet PCs and trade terminal and have long paid attention to R&D management and embedded mobile internet and internet of things.
l   One of the top 10 embedded system enterprise of the top 100 IOT enterprise in China in 2010;
l   One of the top 10 embedded system enterprise in China in 2010;
l   Member of IOT Expert Committee of Chinese Institute of Electronics;
l   Designated supplier of hardware platform for 2006 National Undergraduate Electronic Design Contest;
l   Its software/hardware co-design system of R&D management system EmTeam won “EDN China” innovation award for 2010;
l   One of the earliest companies in the world that are engaged in research, development and design MID tablet PCs;
l   Domestic agent of ARM for development tools and chip-level development board.

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