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Emdoor won two awards in 2017 Intel CTE

Under the lead of Intel2017 opened a good start.On February 23, 2017, Beijing time 16:00,the Intel 2017 Intel CTE CEO Summit held ceremoniously in Shenzhen Lanyingwan Hotel. Emdoor as Intel core partner of CTE was invited to attend the summit and won the "2016-2-1 in contribution Award" and "2016 One m letters UnitsAward" double awards.

Left one vice president of marketing business enterprise group MR.Chen Lishengleft two president of Emdoor Group MR.Zhang Zhiyuright one sales manager of intel CTE

MR.Wang Yidong

Left two president of Emdoor Digital MR.Ma Baojun

As an important partner of Intel, Emdoor started in cooperation with Intel for tablet in 2013, has been to obtain Intel CTECEO summit various awards for three consecutive years.Having won two awards of this yearshows that, as shenzhen top OEM ,we have been continuing to create the good result in 2016 together with Intel.Last year,we not only made out many new scheme on the product form , and on the products we started to pursue high-quality goods, to pursue more quality products that meet the market demand.Every new try became a leading market benchmark.In 2017 ,we will continue to work hard and grasp the spirit of craftsman.Not only in 2 in1, notebook,but also in the IOT/cloud computing, VR/AR/MR products,we will provide more wonderful productsfor customers.

About emdoor group:

Established in 2002, currently has more than 400 R&D team, involving 5 business modules:development tool agent distribution, consumer electronics (tablet, laptop), mobile terminal (ruggedproducts, business advertising, industrial control), virtual reality (VR/AR/MR), Internet cloud services (Microsoft cloud, ARM cloud) is the earliest in the embedded product development of high-tech companies, is also one of the largest tablet, industry customized and terminal products company. The group's plan emdoor have emdoor electronic in embedded development tools of agent and distribution; Emdoor digital in tablet, 2in1, design and development of notebook; Emdoor informationin rugged products, digital business, design and development of Microsoft cloud; Emdoor VRengaged in VR/AR/MR of R & D and manufacturing industry;The National Science emdoor focused on industry special field; Emdoor Internet create the wisdom of life as the goal, to LoRacommunications technology, LoRaWAN protocol and cloud internet based products, solutions, data providers.

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